About Me

I think this image speaks volumes, and those who can relate to it, speak volumes to me! Books are my first love.. it's something I can always rely on and that will always be there. It helped me through many ups, downs and all the in-between things in my life. I love the feeling of escape & that is exactly what reading does for me. 

Hi! The name is Peyton (:
 I am unique. crazy. outgoing. very talkative. 
 I love Harry Potter with a heartfelt passion. 
I am #TeamPeta and #TeamJacob all the way. 
Don't Judge Me. We all walk the line! 

 I have 2 kids. I'm married to an amazing man. 
I work, blog and do the every day mommy life that seems to never end, but I love every single minute of it and I wouldn't change it for the world! 

 I look forward to meeting and getting to know others just like me! I encourage anyone to reach out to me on Twitter or Facebook! Like I said, I am talkative and I'd love to share thoughts with you!


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