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Review: Reclaim by Beth Yarnall

Reclaim (Recovered Innocence #3)
by Beth Yarnall
Published: 5/5/2016 by Loveswept
Source: NetGalley
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Nolan: Nothing’s ever come easy for me, especially not my dream job at Nash Security and Investigations. Righting wrongs is what I’m meant to do... except I manage to blow the very first chance I get. So why don’t they fire me on the spot? Hell, I’d fire myself if I could. Instead, my boss hands me an assignment that’s too important to screw up—and partners me with Lila Garcia, a gorgeous attorney with curves so distracting they should be illegal.

Lila: Like my client, a grieving mother charged with the murder of her own son, I know how quickly the American dream can become a nightmare. If anybody can help me clear her name, it’s Nash Security and Investigations. But Nolan Perry is a wild card. Bending the truth, breaking the law—that’s his business. I need to focus on the evidence. Not on how Nolan’s body fits so perfectly against mine. With a case this personal—and this dangerous—losing control is simply not an option... no matter how badly I want to give in.

Peyton's Thoughts

**I received this ARC from NetGalley for an honest review**

I thoroughly enjoyed the first two novels of this series.. Maybe that is why I had such high expectations for Noah's story. To me, it just fell a little short. I think it lacked a lot of the romance aspect I was looking for, as compared to the others. The book started out promising! I was really ready to dive in! Then my struggle started.

I was really excited about the case they were going to be handling. It sounded intriguing and I was prepared to learn all about it and how it was going to play out. Except, I did not feel that I got that. The case kind of took a back seat to inner workings of what was going on between the two of them.. I get it - feelings and all of that - but it took away from one of the main focuses of the novel. I felt just a little cheated out of a part of the novel that was suppose to be there.

Noah and Lila themselves did intrigue me. Lila spoke to me because she was ambitious, driven and spoke her mind. She's come through some things and had to work around some things to get to the point she is when we meet her. The thing that made it a little hard to grasp her character was the WAY she lived her life. I know everyone has their thing.. their issues. their quirk. The more the novel went on, the more I wanted to just shake her again and again. Not so much her as a character - but the way she didn't use her brain half of the time. I just wanted to be like, "THINK BEFORE YOU DO THIS!"

Noah I loved from the very beginning. I rooted for him through the entire novel. I had some eye rolls and the smack him reaction a few times through the book, but overall I really came to like his character. He reminds me a lot of me.. Someone who will trip UP the stairs! And try as I might, I could follow every single step you give me to the letter and end up skipping the most important one. I don't know why - but everything about Noah just reminds me of me. He felt REAL. He has a serious case of insert foot in mouth, but at the same time, his honesty is admired by me.

One big issue with me was that I felt this novel was missing the romance aspect of things. With a book like this, that is a big seller for me. I have started to shy away from the "instant love" novels. I like to follow the STORY.. Read about the build up that lead to the characters being in love. While I do love a novel that is chalked full of steamy pages (which you do get that in this novel), I wish we got to read about more than just that. What about the in between? When they aren't rolling around in the sheets? I just kind of wanted that depth, ya know?

Overall the book was enjoyable, just not as much as I thought it would be.. if that makes any kind of sense. I will not shy away from any other novels from this author, because I am a fan! I also do not was to discourage anyone from reading this novel, as everyone has their own opinion! I do look forward to move work from Beth Yarnall!

Connect With Beth Yarnall

Best selling author, Beth Yarnall writes romantic suspense, mysteries and the occasional hilarious tweet. For a number of years, Beth made her living as a hairstylist and makeup artist and co-owned a salon. Somehow hairstylists and salons always seem to find their way into her stories. Beth lives in Southern California with her husband, two sons, and their dog where she is hard at work on her next novel.

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  1. I don't think I've heard of this series before, but I'll have to check it out since I'm starting to read more and more of this genre. So, I notice you call yourself a Cajun girl. Do you live in Louisiana? I visited a friend in NOLA for the first time last year, and I'm going back in September to the NOLA Story Con to get to meet a bunch of awesome authors, including the one I just featured in my Swoon Thursday post. :-)

    1. I am from DeRidder, Louisiana actually lol.. I am actually thinking about going out there for the Story Con! We are moving around the same time so I am not 100% sure on it yet!

    2. Ah! Well if you do end up getting to go, we'll have to meet up! :-)

  2. Hi dear, Miss ya! Sorry this was not quite the sizzling story you'd hoped, but it still sounds like there were enjoyable moments.

    1. I wanted it to work sooooooo much! It wasn't a total let down, I just wanted more!