Sunday, July 3, 2016

#SBPT Promo Tour: The Book Bratz

Welcome to the Summer Blog Promo Tour!
This lovely event is hosted by The Book Bratz
There are TONS of blogs participating in this && I hope you take the time to stop by each and every single one! It's always fun to get to know other bloggers and see the kinds of post and fun things they have to offer!

Today is stop ONE on my blog! I will have a stop every Sunday until August 14th!
I am sharing with you Jessica from The Book Bratz!
We decided to have some fun with our post today..
We both took a quiz on Goodreads and we are going to share the results with you!
If you haven't taken it, go forth and do so! Then stop in & share your results with us!

You can stop in at The Left Handed Book Lover and read all about ME!
I decided to share a few of my hobbies with everyone! It's a fun post, just like this one!

Quiz We Took

Ultimate YA Quiz

A Bookish Mess - Results

The Book Brats (Jessica) - Results

That one was not exactly easy! I know I struggled on some questions! I was actually afraid to take it at first because I had just recently begun to even get into the YA, aside from the few that I have read already! I think I did pretty good though! Jessica too for that matter! Some of those questions really had you thinking!

Get to Know Jessica!

Jessica would love to get to know fellow bloggers! Reach out - make a new friend!

What did YOU think of Stop 1 on the #SBPT Promo Tour?
Did you take this quiz? Share your results!
I'd love to hear from you & connect in the comments!


  1. I got 82% :( Some of the questions were so easy for me and then others seemed impossible haha! I do wish that quiz talked about a wider range of books, though.

    1. Yeah, I did noticed that a lot of them were from the same books... I think that's why it was a bit easy on some of them. I am digging around for more now to try and find one with a wider range of books lol

  2. The Ultimate YA Quiz! - 29 of 35 correct (82%)

  3. I only got 71% but I've only read like two of the books they talk about. Not sure I think that Lovely Bones is a YA book either. But it was at least neat to see what I did know!