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Book Review: Blind Side

Blind Side
by K.B. Nelson
Published: May 23, 2016
Source: NetGalley
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I accept the part I played in the demise of my marriage.
I accept the things I cannot change.
I’m a cheater. I’m a whore. I’m an outcast in that place I left behind the second the first embers fizzled against the cracks of the night sky.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Anyone with the faintest understanding of decency would know this to be true. But it did happen this way. It went exactly like this, because maybe that’s the way things had to go.

There was no way out, and just when I thought of pulling the proverbial trigger, he appeared to me.
He was the student.
And I was his teacher.
And he saved me in every way I imagine one could ever be saved.
So, he became my teacher and I became his student as he taught me how to love again...

Peyton's Thoughts:

Have you ever said, or heard anyone say, "that just punched me right in the gut!" That is exactly what this book did.. It's amazing how one book can seriously shake you so much. I FELT the words coming off the pages, the emotions that the characters were feeling. I have been where some of them have been, felt the things they felt, had the reactions they did and battled the thoughts you though were never going to leave you alone. At the same time, I felt like it just WASN'T meant to go how it went. I wanted MORE. Better? Different? SOMETHING other than how it ended!

this is literally my reaction during half the novel!

Stassi was hit and miss with me for a bit. I WANTED to like her - and then I would.. Then something would happen and I wanted to just punch the mess out of her. At times I understood her, KNEW where she was coming from and even wanted to root for her. Then she disappointed me on so many levels and I could not bring myself to like her anymore. I get where the novel was heading and on some level I can even understand. She was lost, looking for answers and trying to make sense of her life. She met a man.. fell in love and wanted better for herself. What I cannot get over is the feeling that she strung him along. She was married the entire time - how else was this suppose to end? NOT THE WAY IT DID! Yeah, her husband did her wrong - but really, do two wrongs seriously make a right? To me, this entire thing was a misunderstanding between a man and his wife that got completely out of control. I wanted so bad for her to WANT the things she was finding with Kemper.

Kemper is amazing on so many different levels. While some might view him going into this relationship as wrong - I can appreciate all the things it did to help Stassi. She needed to heal. Kemper seems to have been put right in her path to help her reach that destination. Kemper broke my heart and doesn't even know it. Seriously, the ugly cry came out with everything Kemper faced in the end. The emotions, the connection - the CHEMISTRY.. it was all something to read about. Something to root for. Something to WANT to believe in. Something that had me hooked and wanting more.

I honestly liked this novel. Was it one of my favorites, no - but it does't take away from the fact that it deserves to be enjoyed. If the ending were not what it was, this book would have rated much higher for me. I can appreciate different endings though, and I can completely understand the authors wanting to take things a different route - I just wasn't expecting it and I still cannot find a way to wrap my head, or my heart around it. The characters were well written, the story flowed easily and the novel completely meshed well. I do hope those who read it enjoyed it!

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