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Book Review: Double Tap

Double Tap (Code 11-KPD SWAT #2)
by Lani Lynn Vale
Published: June 4, 2015
Published by: CMG Publishing, LLC
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Nico met the love of his life when he was seventeen.

Immediately, he realizes that the gap in their ages is too significant to make a move on her until she’s legal in the eyes of the law. So he joins the United States Navy, killing time until he can come home to her again.

But a tragedy strikes while Georgia is alone and vulnerable, and with no other recourse, Georgia leaves, disappearing without a trace.

After months of searching, he finds her, but quickly realizes that she needs the time to herself to work out her problems on her own.

So he leaves her be, knowing that if she ever felt anything for him, she’d come back home to him.

But it takes her years to return, and in those years, Nico changes, too.

He’s seen too much. Done too much. Lost too much.

He lives his life as a SWAT officer for KPD, goes through the motions of everyday life, but only as half a man. And not even the good half. The US military saw to that.

When the two finally come back together, one question remains. Will she love him as the man he is now, or leave him because he’s not the same man he used to be?

Peyton's Thoughts:

Real Quick Note: You can see my review of Book 1 of this series HERE :)
Now, with that out of the way, I would just like to say that this series is really off to an amazing start with me! Book 1 was the first novel I have read by Lani Lynn Vale and I seriously got ALL available books after reading that one. I could not wait to dive into the rest. Nico intrigued me in book one, even though that was not his story. There was just something about him that I could not shake and he quickly became one of my favorite characters. So far, I think it is safe to say that Vale hit a home run when she wrote Double Tap. It is easily my favorite so far, and a I am on book four!

This story is one of heartbreak, triumph, loss and just about everything in between. I think I ugly cried at least 2-3 times, but things like that are what make a book happen for me. I like to literally FEEL what is going on with the characters. When their heart breaks, my heart breaks. There were times when I wanted to kick these people, shake them 4 or 10 times and I even ended up completely tossing the book across the room at one point - but not before I yelled, yes yelled - "ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!" The struggle was real with this one people. REAL.

Nico is everything I have ever wanted a male lead to be. He is strong, silent and brooding, but loving and gentle all at the same time. He doesn't let himself feel often, but when he does, he feels hard. He was one of those characters that I was rooting for from the beginning, in a book that wasn't even his. His past is tainted, as is most peoples, but he carries it around with him to the point where it is hard to move forward. He isn't the same Nico that he once was. In a way, he is better, but in other ways he is broken - often unable to be repaired, but pushes through all the same.

Georgia is... well... Georgia. The name says everything. That one word speaks volumes about her. Their love was there from the very beginning and it has taken them YEARS to finally figure out that they are meant for each other. Of course, this is where life decides to throw every single curve ball it possibly can at them and test them in ways I can imagine they never saw coming. As you read, do not give up on them - they need all the support they can get! Georgia knows what she wants - will not stop at anything to get it, but at the same time she has demons of her own she is fighting, along with a past that she cannot forget, or give up. Both of them have baggage that has baggage, but despite what the universe says, this love is meant to be.

This story flowed effortlessly and I enjoyed it to the fullest! Just like the first novel, the secondary characters of this novel balance it out and make it completely work! The other guys on the SWAT team, as well as the other women introduced had me bouncing between laughing, crying and swearing. Sometimes doing all three at one time. I am excited to read more of these novels and learn about everyone else and their stories. I believe Lani Lynn Vale has made a fan for life! If you love romance, suspense, laughter, melt your panties pages - then this novel.. actually, all of them so far are something you should add to your TBR list!

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