I think it is time that A Bookish Mess took on a Co-Blogger! I know I am fresh out of the gate, but at the same time I know I am going to need a little help making this blog everything I KNOW that it can be! Think you will be a good fit? Sign-Up!

How Does This Benefit You

  • You will have the same abilities I have. You can post reviews, discussion post, memes (we can do them together!) and so on, as long as everything is book related!
  • We will be a TEAM. You will never be going at this alone!
  • You will be able to review ARCs as well.
  • You will have access to the page e-mail account to be able to see the Review request and choose them at your will.
  • Access to the Blog Calendar so you can plan things accordingly :)
  • Access to the blogs Facebook Page.

Some Requirements

  • You MUST be willing to put in the work. As I stated before, we are a team - it is going to take both of us to do this!
  • You MUST be okay with reviewing Romance novels, YA Novels and NA Novels - as these are the genre I seem to stick to. I am open to you reviewing other genres - just discuss it with me first!
  • You MUST be willing to participate in some of the memes this blog participates in. We can do them jointly, so no need for 2 different post.
  • You MUST be willing to do 1 JOINT review a month. I think this will really be beneficial to the blog! Gives it a new outlook on the book!
  • You MUST have an active (and be active on it) Goodreads & Twitter Account.
  • You MUST be able to be contacted! (emails - text (if desired) - messengers.. We are a TEAM.)
  • You MUST be honest when doing your reviews. We do NOT plagiarize here on A Bookish Mess.
  • We will work together on Blog Tours. Of course you may do them - but we need to make sure we both aren't signing up for the same things.. Communication!
  • You MUST be willing to respond to comments on the blog *your post or joint post* as well as commenting back on OTHER blogs that comment on your post or joint post!
  • I am completely okay with you applying if you already have your own blog! I just ask that you do not post the same content from you blog!
  • You MUST be willing to have these kinds of moments with me!

Interested? Sign-Up Below!

That is all there is to it! I can't wait to read all submissions and find the best fit for another amazing blogger here at A Bookish Mess!


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