A Bookish Mess would love to review your novel!

❤ Currently ACCEPTING request for the following genres:
→ Romance
→ Contemp Romance
→ Suspense Romance
→ Young Adult
→ New Adult
→ SOME Paranormal
→ SOME Urban Fantasy
→ SOME Dystopia

❤ I can take review copies in the following formats:
→ E-Book
→ Print

❤ When submitting your request, please including the following:
→ Genre
→ Title
→ Synopsis
→ Goodreads Link OR Author Website Link

— I will try my BEST to get back to your review request within 48 hours. I will reply either way, if I choose to review or not.
→ → Please try and understand that I CANNOT guarantee you a certain time the review will be posted. If you are looking for a certain date, please put that in your request and I will let you know if I can meet that deadline or not.

❤ What my reviews will include:
→ Honesty
→ Posting to Goodreads
→ Posting to Amazon and/or B&N
→ Posting to NetGalley if the option is requested.
→ Posting to other platforms upon author request.
→ I do NOT accept any money for my reviews as it puts my integrity into question.

❤ If you would like to submit a review request, please email me at:


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