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SBPT #3: The Cozy Little Book Nook!

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I am sharing with you Brooke from The Cozy Little Book Nook!

I wanted to get a feel of Brooke's blogging area!
I asked her to give us a little insight to where she blogs, her favorite place to read and other things like that! I hope you all enjoy her post as much as I do!

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Hi everyone! I’m Brooke from The Cozy Little Book Nook! So for this post, Peyton asked me to basically take pictures and talk about my books, the space I blog and stuff like that. I hafta admit, I really had no idea where to take this post, but I wound up actually really liking it!

My Bookshelf:
My bookshelf isn’t something that I take pride in at the moment. I mean, I used to have a bunch of middle grade chapter books (that you know, that were all the rage back when I was actually in elementary and middle school) but now that I’m in high school, those books aren’t something you want the world to know you have, you know?
So at the moment- here’s my bookshelf:

I recently cleaned out this space and actually most of the books i have on there are the books I bought or received after I started blogging. Before then, I usually bought all my books on the kindle or borrowed them online since my library has this really cool system of checking e-books.

My Favorite Place To Read:
I don’t really have a favorite place to read. Since I started my blog in the middle of the school year, I didn’t have much time to just sit down and read. I read in the weirdest times. I remember specifically that I read Cinder over 2-3 days, exclusively on my morning and bus rides (those rides are like an hour long each way). Many other books I read during lunch and would jot down notes as I read on my phone. During the school year, most of my reading and blogging came from my phone, and I only used my laptop to really format the posts.

(I don’t have a picture for this...sorry folks)

My Current Read:
Ah this is a hard one to write about because I’m writing this post a week before it goes up and by the time the post actually goes up, I’d have finished the book already and moved on to another one. So at the moment, I am reading Pulling Princes by Tyne O’Connell and What I thought was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick. I’m planning on starting Royal Dance by Rachel Branton and Between Dreams by Cynthia Austin soon. A couple re-reads I plan on doing soon include One Paris Summer by Denise Grover Swank and How it Ends by Catherine Lo.

Favorite Book Swag:
Ok so since I started blogging not too long ago, and I haven’t had the chance to attend any of the book conventions or events, the only book swag I have received is some bookmarks from Erin L Schneider, the author of Summer of Sloane.

My blogging area:
My main bloggin area is at my desk, which is also where I take my bookstagram pictures (when I manage to clean it off). Here’s a picture of my clean desk (which I cleaned especially for this picture, you’re welcome :) also some props are added in to make the picture look nicer… by no means is this the way my desk looks at all times.)

I want to thank Brooke for stopping in! I had a BLAST putting this post together and learning a little bit more about how you go about your days when blogging! I must say, your blogging area is slightly neater than mine! I clean it up for pictures and stuff, but when I am blogging, have the planner out, the colored markers and 30948398734 post it notes; it looks like something ransacked my desk! Thanks so much for sharing love!

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