Monday, July 18, 2016

Small Unexpected Blogging Detour

Hello loves!
I apologize to all that I had something scheduled for July 18-20th!
I have emailed all parties involved and am working with everyone to reschedule things and to get things back on track! I have not forgotten about any of you and want to still fit you in!

My son decided he would see just how hot my hair straightener was - with his ENTIRE hand. So we spend most of Sunday night in the ER.. and it was a restless night for everyone as well. Monday was spent with Doctor appointments and Tuesday is going to be spent with tons of love and couch cuddles as we waited to see if things were going to heal on their own or if we were going to have to take it in a different direction.

He has another check up on Wednesday at 7:30 and I will update as soon as I can!
If all goes well I will be back in action on Wednesday. 
Thanks for understanding everyone!

We just got back from our check up and he is GREAT! Everything has started healing all on it's own and they have given us the all clear to let everything to return to normal. Three years of this little dude running a muck in the house and he finally finds something hot to give mommy and daddy a heart attack with! I am sure my heart is JUST NOW slowing down!

Thank you everyone for the emails and well wishes! It has meant alot!


  1. Oh my gosh! Did you say he was 3 years old? Glad he's doing okay, but I'm sure that was very scary!

    1. He is 3.. and apparently; very fearless lol.. Everything is okay and he is healing great. Everyone is starting to get back into the groove of things!